Friday, June 1, 2012

Ms. C's final hatch report

When I went in Wednesday morning, I was pretty sure that the hatch was done- I'd figured Chloe hadn't made it.  I was surprised to see her little beak moving around the pip hole when I got there, and I got my hopes up again. I waited all day for Chloe, the Coronation Sussex to hatch. By 6pm, I was very worried because the membrane was getting very stiff and dry, and it seemed like she wouldn't make it on her own. I helped her hatch, and had 3 or so drops of blood, which had me deeply, deeply upset and regretful.  I left her in the incubator overnight, hoping she'd be ok.

Thursday morning I came in, and she was still alive. She was crispy instead of fluffy, so I very carefully rinsed her off with warm water. That helped, but even after she was dry, she wasn't too fluffy. I used a toothbrush to very softly comb her off, and that made her fluff right up. I noticed her toes were a little curled, but I've seen that happen a few times, and they straightened out on their own. We're coming up on 48 hours old now, and they're not all better, so I'm starting to think I need to treat them. -sigh- That is a symptom of too long in the shell, so maybe I was right to help her out, even though I've been second guessing that. Here is her toes now.

And, to introduce the chicks.

 First to hatch was Shirley, who came out of a medium brown egg. She/he looks like a black copper marans, except the legs are clean.

Next to hatch was Emily, who came out of a very dark olive egg. I wasn't able to see a thing in this egg, and had no idea if it was viable til she pipped.

Last, but not least is Chloe, a coronation sussex. She's the only purebred of the group.

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