Monday, February 4, 2013

Hatch Results

I feel bad that I never updated with how the hatch turned out. About 9 days in, the brown egg quit.

All of the other eggs developed beautifully. Right around lockdown, I got very sick with a nasty cold. Lost my voice. Then, I developed an ear infection and my ear drug ended up bursting. I was too sick to really enjoy the hatch, which was a real disappointment. I did do the hatch cam though, so other people did.

This hatch was really, really unusual for me. My eggs always hatch on day 21, with a few going into day 22. This time was different though.

I set the eggs around 8pm on a Friday. 19 days later, on a Thursday morning, my son wakes me up to tell me that he hears chirping. I have to admit I thought he was nuts, but I went over to the incubator to double check. Sure enough, eggs 1, 2 and 3 had all pipped. I knew I had to get the webcam set up, so I slowly got everything hooked up (remember I was really quite ill). While doing that, egg #5 (the one that had sat in the fridge for 8-10 days prior to being set) pipped as well.

An hour later, another one pipped. The cracked egg and the late egg were the only ones not pipped.

I had to drag myself to a last minute home inspection for a house that my clients were closing on the next day, so around 4pm, I left for that. By 4:30, the first egg had hatched.  The second egg hatched within an hour of that.

By 6:30pm, four of the eggs had hatched, and the remaining three were all pipped, even my "crack baby". The remaining three were the fridge egg, the cracked egg, and the late egg.

I went to bed early, but was told one of the eggs hatched just after midnight. At 2:30am, I went to check on the incubator and found that both crack baby and fridge egg had hatched.  So, I had all of those guys hatch by 20.5 days. AMAZING.

Late baby pipped two full days before day 21 even started. Friday afternoon, the last baby hatched out.

Everyone was perfectly healthy. They were all fathered by the french black copper marans. Two of the babies had a white spot on the head, which was one of the signs of being a male by the legbar standards.

At this point, they're about 2.5 weeks old, and the ones I thought may be boys definitely have larger combs than everyone else.

I never did get around to taking pictures of the chicks. I was simply too sick.  I am feeling much better now though.

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