Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeling Frizzled!

One of my good friends is having some health problems, and decided to get rid of her flock. She knew I'd been coveting some of her birds, so I got the opportunity to acquire some gorgeous new girls.  I am so excited.

First off, I got a bantam frizzle. I don't know if I posted or not, but I got her twin sister a few months ago. So when she came available, I was anxious to get her. Lady Diana (my frizzle) hadn't started laying yet, but her sister not only started laying, but went broody and hatched 3 chicks. Best of all, within a couple days of the new arrival (who I think I'll call Lady Sarah), Lady Diana started laying! I guess the sisterly pressure got to her.

Next, I got a leghorn/Easter Egger cross. I haven't named her yet, but she has given me a couple blue eggs already, and I just love her.

Lastly, I got an Ameracauna Frizzle. She's been quite shy, and hasn't quite integrated into the flock yet. She spends a lot of time in the henhouse. But, I think she'll eventually fit in and be just fine. 

I hatched 4 eggs for the preschool hatch. We got two legbar/FBCM mixes (both boys), a polish/hamburg mix, and a pure blue laced red wyandotte. I was tempted to keep the latter two, just to see how they turned out, but ended up deciding not to.  I have 7 eggs going into lockdown tomorrow morning for the 1st grade hatch. As of Friday, all of them were great. 5 are pure legbar, 1 is a FBCM and one is an olive egger/legbar cross. I'm going to try and have the webcam up for their hatch.

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  1. What gorgeous birds. I love the frizzles too. I may want one one day but I am at my city limit sadly. I am looking for your pics of your Polish chickens. Trying to convince myself mine is not a roo. Found your blog through BYC.