Monday, May 7, 2012

Final Hatch Report

All right, so as I mentioned before, I set seven eggs at 2pm on a Thursday.

At 7:30am or so on Thursday, 3 weeks later, my first chick (Dolphin) hatched. I came in at 8am, and saw that Dolphin was hatched, and Bryan had pipped.

At 11:00am, when I came to get the webcam set up, CJ had also pipped.

At 3:30 pm, Bryan hatched. Fred had a tiny pip.

6:40am: Andy hatches.

Ginger, CJ, and Erin pipped sometime Thursday night.

11:30-1pm: Ginger, CJ and Erin hatch.

1:30: I look at helping Fred, but when I peel back some of the egg, I can see that there's still veining in the membrane, so I put the egg back in the incubator, and leave to go on a two day trip, albeit very nervously.


8:30am: Fred (FINALLY) hatches.

Are you counting that folks?  SEVEN OUT OF SEVEN HATCHED!!!!!!!!! And they were incubated in a first grade classroom!

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