Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hatch Day!

I'm going to try to keep better track of timing for my hatches, so that way I know better when I should stress out.

I set these eggs around 2pm on a Thursday.  On Monday at 4pm, I put them into lockdown.

Wednesday afternoon, there was nothing going on- no pips anyway.

Thursday morning, I went to the school at 8am, and discovered that Dolphin had hatched! She looked to be very recently hatched, within the past 30 minutes or so.  Bryan was pipped.

So, my thinking is that day 21 doesn't start until 2pm, so I believe that makes Dolphin a bit on the early side?

The kids were doing testing, and I didn't want to disrupt too much, so I didn't move Dolphin to the brooder or set up the webcam until 11am Thursday. At that point, CJ had also pipped.

Here's a photo of Dolphin. Beautiful dark chick!

I am so excited to have a webcam going for this hatch because that means I can check up on the eggs whenever I want, without disrupting the class.

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