Sunday, November 20, 2011

4-6 days left!

Some interesting developments for us.  Big Momma candled #5 again a couple days ago, and found it was way too clear to be this far along, so she took it out of the incubator.  Being the curious sort, she sealed it in a ziploc bag, then cracked it open to see what was inside. Inside, she found the remains of a chick that stopped developing around day 5.

So, five of us are due on Thursday, and one of us is due on Saturday. Big Momma tried to candle on day 2, and realized Egg #3 had a big crack in it, so she replaced it with a different one.

At this point, she's worried that the humidity is too high in the incubator- there's a lot of condensation on the walls of the incubator. Big Daddy, an engineer, thinks it's because of the cold air in the room around it (more so than when there was an incubator hatch in August).

Big Momma is trying really hard not to candle anymore, but we suspect she's going to break down and try it at least one more time before lockdown. However, she hasn't for 4-5 days, and that's pretty long time.

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