Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Incubating is Better Than Gestating

I've been thinking about this, and considering I've gestated 4 children, and incubated and hatched eggs, I can safely say that incubating is much better.

Nobody "accidentally" incubates an egg to hatching. Lots of people accidentally get pregnant.

I don't get fat incubating.

Incubating chickens only takes 21 (ish) days.  Gestating a human takes 280 (ish) days.

No stretch marks.

I can see what's going on inside the egg whenever I want using just a flashlight. No doctor, ultrasound machine or appointment necessary.

No labor or childbirth or surgery for me.

No doctor appointments

No hospital bills

No postpartum yuckiness

No morning sickness

Chicks are MUCH lower maintenance than human newborns

What do you think?

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