Monday, November 14, 2011


We don't feel that we get nearly enough time on the main blog. Many readers feel like we get entirely TOO much time, and say, "enough with the chickens already!!"

So, we decided to start our own blog.

You must be thinking that we are extraordinarily smart for chickens. You'd be right. Most chickens aren't known for being particularly bright. But here we are, in our embryonic state, and we're already typing on a blog. Impressive, no?

Our moms and their friends- Our moms are the brown ones
We had to learn to be tough- the fact that we're here, and not eaten is sort of a miracle. Well, a miracle for us. Not good news for our moms.

Our Dad
See, here's what happened.  Our moms are Easter Eggers. Our dad is a Black Copper Marans. Our moms laid us, and we were collected, and put in an egg carton and put in the fridge, destined to be an omelet, breakfast burrito or cookies. But, 11 days ago, something got into the chicken coop and killed all of the mommies. Our dad survived. He ended up going to live with another family where there are 13 hens- our Big Momma thought he'd be less lonely there.

candling day 5
 Momma was really, really sad about our moms. She decided to take us out of the fridge and put us in the incubator. The incubator's turner is broken, and she'd actually had it all boxed up to send out to be repaired. Thank goodness she is a very busy lady and hadn't gotten around to it! So now, we're sitting in the incubator, growing and growing, and Big Momma turns us several times a day.

candling day 10
There are seven of us altogether, but we kind of think that #5 is a dud. No communication at all there, and Big Momma can't see anything when she peeks at us with a flashlight.

Anyway, we're kind of busy growing, and developing and all. Keep your fingers crossed that lots of us hatch, and that we're all girls- we know that girls tend to be more valuable than boys in the chicken world, and they're a lot quieter and nicer. We should arrive right around Thanksgiving.

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