Thursday, April 12, 2012

Batch 2 of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

The local elementary school was really excited to have me help with a chicken hatching unit.  It's just the first grade that is participating, but when we set up the incubator, we put it high enough that kids walking down the hall can see it as they walk by.
Eggs as seen from the hallway at school

A friend donated seven blue laced red wyandotte eggs to me for the project.

The first grade teachers had the kids all assembled and gave me time to talk to the kids about chickens and eggs and how hatching worked. I kind of wish I'd done the colorful eggs with the first graders- some of them were SO excited to hear about blue and green eggs.  They were very excited and respectful.

We ended up naming all of the eggs. The teachers and I were laughing at the names the kids picked.

 Erin (one of the teachers' names is Erin)

The kids all promised to not touch the incubator at all, so cross your fingers we get a good hatch.

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