Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 12 of preschool eggs

I ended up deciding to bring home the preschool eggs for spring break. They would've been at an empty school for NINE days. What if there was a power failure? Nobody would know in a timely way. Plus, scheduling times with the director would've been difficult. She never did give me her cell phone number, so I don't know how I could've gotten a hold of her.

I brought home the eggs two days ago. I was a big nervous about driving them home, since they're MUCH more fragile now that they're developing. I kept them in the incubator, and wrapped it in blankets for warmth and stability.

When I got home, the thermostat registered 94, so I am pleased there was such a low drop. They were brought back up to temperature within 10 minutes.

After a couple hours of letting them rest, I candled. Really, is this any surprise?  The four ameraucana eggs looked great- lots of movement and they looked dead on.  Two of the BCM eggs looked pretty good- they seemed a little smaller, but they were still moving and looking good. The third egg? I'm confused.  It looked like it was around 6 or so days along, which was behind.  I saw movement though, so I let it be.

Fast forward to today. It still looks the same development stage. I think it is dying. There's still movement, but it's very subtle, and the veins seem to be shrinking. The other two BCM eggs have gotten bigger, and match up with the others.

So, if things continue as they are, I expect six healthy chicks in eight or nine days. I think I'll have to hang out at the preschool.

I am a little nervous about the BCM eggs- I've heard they have a tougher time hatching, and often need assistance. I am really hoping that isn't the case.

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