Tuesday, April 17, 2012


With the preschool batch of chicks, I will admit I was a little concerned about Squint, the last chick to hatch. He seemed much smaller than the others, and kept his eyes squinted shut a bit.

But, over the weekend, he perked up a bit, and seems totally normal and healthy now, albeit a bit smaller.

I'd taken the chicks home over the weekend, and the children (and teachers) were hoping I'd bring them back. So, I brought them back yesterday, much to the delight of the kids.

I tried feather sexing this batch of chicks. My gender predictions is that I have one pullet/one cockerel of the BCM, 1 pullet and 2 cockerels of the lav mixes. I really want the bcm/lav mix that came from a green egg to be a pullet. I thought I saw two rows of feathers, but it could've been desire. I feel really good about my BCM predictions, but not so good about the lavs.

This morning, I went to the elementary school because my daughter left her lunch home. Her classmates immediately jumped on me, asking more questions about eggs, hatching, and chickens. I even got three hugs. Awww!

I'm thinking if I have time, I'll try to candle the eggs after school on Thursday. Time is an iffy thing this week though, so it may have to go back to Friday.

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