Friday, December 23, 2011

6 days

All right, I *almost* made it to my 7 day goal.  I was going along, nice and strong.

Then, my boss came over today, and expressed a lot of interest in my incubating eggs. I ended up candling one, just to show her what could possibly be seen. I showed her egg #3, and we saw lots of veining, and a little wiggling shadow.

I thought that would be enough to hold me until tomorrow morning, but I just couldn't hold off. So, I just got done candling. My 10 eggs are 12 hours away from 7 days along, neighbor eggs are exactly 7 days along.

Of mine, eggs 1-7 are in the Brinsea, and they all showed veining AND movement. Eggs 8-10 are in the Brower, and they were less defined. I couldn't see veining, but the shells seemed to be darker, and I couldn't see them as clearly. Eggs A,B, C are my neighbor's.  Cracked egg has a wiggling little guy in it. Couldn't see anything in the other two, and I'm about ready to call them duds.

Eggs 7 and 8 have gone back and forth. I put the eggs I thought had the best chance of survival in the Brinsea. Egg #7 started out in the Brinsea, but on Tuesday, I realized the air cell was goofy, so I switched it with #8. Tonight though, I felt #7, so I switched them back.

I am cautiously excited. I am worried though, as almost all of them seem to have really goofy air cells, more on the side than the top/fat end. I'm not sure how to adjust the angle given the incubator I have.

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