Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Won an Auction!

I have great news! My incubator is on its' way back home. I had Brinsea call once they received the incubator. Apparently it wasn't just the turning motor that was broken. It was something really huge, like the main circuitboard or something else scary and expensive sounding.  It was still under warranty, technically, but since I didn't have any proof of purchase, they weren't obligated to cover it at all.  I paid to ship it to them, then paid $50 for the replacement part. They paid labor and shipping back. Awesome!

Tonight I won an auction for some Golden Laced Wyandotte eggs.  They'll be coming here from TN and ship tomorrow.

I plan to borrow my neighbor's incubator because the auction is for 9+ eggs (so it's a min of 9, but probably won't be much more than that. I'll admit I'm hoping she sends me several extra in a different breed; she has some really amazing looking birds) and my incubator only holds 7.  My neighbor's incubator holds several dozen. I offered to also incubate some of her hens' eggs so that she can work to rebuild her flock as well.

I am so, so excited to try hatching again.

I'm a little scared because they ARE being shipped. And not only will they be shipped, but at the busiest time of year, in cold weather and from almost 2000 miles away. Not good odds.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get a couple pullets from the deal.

Here's one of her chickens.

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