Sunday, December 18, 2011

Post Office made me go Crazy Chicken Lady

Stupid mail carrier.  My normal guy is (evidently) on vacation.

I waited patiently all day Friday for mail- delivery confirmation said that my box would be arriving Friday and it was "out for delivery".  As I was leaving to pick my son up from school at 3pm, I saw him a few houses down.

When I got home, I discovered there was only a couple letters in my box, no package.  I called the post office, who said it wasn't there at the post office, so it must be on the truck, and to be patient.

At 4:30, I tried calling again, and no answer. So I actually drove in and waited in line. The person at the front desk looked all over and couldn't find it. She told me the driver had come in, but then gone back out, so she figured that it was on the truck.

So I was waiting patiently, and then at 5:45, my status suddenly shows they attempted to deliver at 11:26. LIARS!!!!!!  I was here, not 3' from my front door and there was no postal truck outside.

I called customer service and complained. They said they'd put a hold on the box if I wanted and would hold it at the post office so I could pick it up.

When I got to the post office at 8:20 the next morning, the line was already out the door. I patiently waited in line. When I got to the front, I had a different cashier than the one who helped me yesterday, but helper was next to mine. I explained the situation, and yesterday's cashier overheard and looked over and said, "Oh, you haven't gotten it yet?" Then she turned to today's cashier and said, "That was Don's route from yesterday" and they exchanged a look.  

They eventually found the box, and I took it home. The eggs were very well wrapped and I got TWELVE!  Not a single one was broken. There was one with a detached air cell.  I've heard that if you have one of those, often times they will still hatch, but I shouldn't turn it at all, and just keep it upright with the air cell  (fat side) up.  We'll see what happens.

I set them yesterday, but set them all upright with air cell side up, and haven't turned them at all. Actually- that isn't quite true- seven of the eggs are in the brinsea, so they're on their sides.  J brought home a super fancy calibrated three lead thermometer. From that, we learned we needed to calibrate the brinsea- it was a half degree hot.  The Brower incubator has so far been really difficult to get to the proper temperature and keep it there.

This is my set up this time around. On the left, you see my little brinsea advance. In the middle, there's the fancy thermometer and my candling flashlight. On the right is the Brower Incubator.

I am going to rig up a turning type thing for the eggs in the Brower. Once I get it made and put in there, I'll take a picture of the inside and show my thing to make turning easier and cleaner.

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