Monday, December 19, 2011

Incubator Failure?!

Seriously, I'm beginning to think I'm star crossed.

I went down to turn the eggs in the Brower incubator before I went to bed and discovered the temperature was in the mid 70s. Turns out the heating element has failed. My mechanical engineer husband found some corrosion and with some fancy tool he has, found that there's some kind of short in the heating element, which is this circular coil thing.

I stuck the 6 remaining eggs in the oven, and hopefully turned the oven to about 100.  Meanwhile, he rigged up a light bulb that attaches to the thermostat.

Unfortunately, I dropped one of my neighbor's eggs during all of this mad transporting. There's a bit of a crack in it. I sealed it up with wax. I candled it, because I'm a sucker. There's definite veining. Of course. I candled the other two of my neighbor's, since they went in Friday night, and the broken one is the only one I saw anything in. I know it's really, really really early, like not even 72 hours on them.  But, it seems like I've just had a really tough time with this incubator, and I wonder if this hatch is doomed too.

I still have 7 eggs in the brinsea.  I am not going to candle them until at least day 4-5.

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