Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 weeks old!!

My chicks are now 3 weeks old.  I decided to weigh them, and took a couple pictures, though not really awesome ones.

Here's the weight statistics:

1- Godzilla 5 1/4 oz.  Still think she's a girl.

3- Dawn/Don 6 3/4 oz. Originally predicted girl, but I think I see red waddles coming in, so leaning more towards boy.

4- Charlie 7 1/4 oz Still think boy

5- Hulksmash Jr (My 6 year old was devastated over the loss of Hulksmash, and wanted to name this chick in honor of her) 7 oz. Still leaning towards boy on this one.

6- Daisy 7 3/8 Even though the biggest, I'm still leaning towards girl, but not nearly as certain. There's slight waddles forming, but they are not red at all.

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