Saturday, January 7, 2012


Godzilla (who will probably be called Zilla), the first chick to hatch. Silly bird hatched through the narrow end of the egg, missing the air cell altogether.

Godzilla, just after hatching

And HULKSMASH!  Hulksmash didn't want to hatch in the ordinary way either. Although he/she pipped about the same time as Godzilla- around 6pm on day 20, she didn't zip the way a chick ought to. She zipped about 1/2", and then kept trying to kick her way out. After it had been about 26 hours, and I could tell she was tiring, I peeled away a bit of the egg, and with a huge kick, she popped out of the egg into my hand.

Four of the five remaining eggs have pipped, and did so around midafternoon on day 21.  The last egg hasn't done anything yet.  It is Egg #3, the one that I took out yesterday and heard chirping.

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