Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Digs for the Velociraptors

The chicks are 2.5 weeks now, and are getting HUGE.  I think they've outgrown the fish tank I had them in.

I bought a 45 gallon rubbermaid tote, and this morning moved them into that. So far, they've been thrilled.

Later today I plan to cut the lid out and add some chicken wire so that they can't jump out- I know that will be coming very soon. They kept trying to jump out of the fish tank (actually, it was a reptile tank, so it had a mesh screen over the top), and bumping their heads. This is almost twice as deep, but I bet they could hop out within a couple days.

So far, the two chicks I pegged as roosters are looking even more like roosters. There's a third that I had put down as a pullet. It has a pea comb, but it's looking kind of red, so I'm wondering if I was wrong on that one.

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