Monday, January 9, 2012

Final Hatch Count

We had a total of SIX healthy chicks hatch.  Unfortunately, chick #3, the one I heard chirping a few days ago, died in the shell. I took a picture of it, and have it posted HERE if you want to see.

I tried feather sexing today- basically, you pull the wing back, and look to see if there's one row of feathers, all even, or if there's a shorter row, making two rows. My gender predictions are based on that.  Here's a picture I took of Godzilla's feathers. Note how there seems to be two rows of pins (the straw things that come just before feathers). Also note how dark those pins are!

I now announce, in order of hatch, our new chicks.

Chick #1- Godzilla

Chick #1 we named Godzilla. My prediction is she's a pullet. We named her Godzilla because she was stomping all over the other chicks.


Chick #2 is named HULKSMASH. I think she is also a pullet. We named her that because she didn't want to zip around the egg as much as she was supposed to. She kept trying to push her way out without properly zipping. After about 26 hours of struggle, I finally helped her out a little.

Chick #3

Chick 3 is as yet unnamed. I think it's another pullet. She was hatched around 2:30 on Sunday. She has chipmunk markings, but it's not as dramatic because the other fuzz has a brownish undertone instead of a bright yellow.

Chick #4

Chick 4 is also unnamed. I suspect it's a cockerel. He's already trying to boss everyone around. He has the most distinctive chipmunk markings and is so beautiful because of the contrast of the pale yellow and brown striping.

Chick #5

Chick #5 came next, and is also still unnamed. I think he's a cockerel. I think he most closely resembles what a Golden Laced Wyandotte chick is supposed to look like.

Chick #6

Chick #6 came last. It was also marked Egg #6, so that's some fun symmetry.  My 6 year daughter has taken a special interest in this chick and has named her Daisy. Good thing my prediction is pullet. The legs seem awfully big, but there's already wing development at 25 hours old, and she has the two rows of feather pins.

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