Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well that was embarrassing!

I have a child who has asthma and allergies.

She had a regularly scheduled appointment with her allergist. The appointment was going smoothly, nothing interesting to report.

Then, the question happened. It was a reasonable enough question, given that we were there to discuss her allergies, and her environment was an important aspect to discuss. However, it exposed me for the crazy chicken lady that I am.

"So," the doctor says casually, "What indoor pets do you have?"

"Ummmm, we have a couple of cockatiels" I begin, as I start to blush.

"We also have a bunch of chickens!" My son piped up helpfully.

"In the HOUSE?!" The doctor replied, somewhat astonished.

"Well, they're just bitty chicks, it's too cold for them to go outside."

"But we're getting five more in a few days," my daughter adds.

"So, how many chickens are in your house?"

"After these new ones hatch, 10. But this isn't normal- I swear that keeping chickens in the house isn't a normal thing," I try to clarify.

The doctor just looked a little bewildered and changed the subject.

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