Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spraddle Leg

I believe that Hulksmash has a minor case of spraddle leg. Spraddle leg is usually pretty severe- the chick looks like it's doing splits all the time. It seems her left leg is only slightly weak. If she's in the tank with the shavings, she runs around ok, but I've noticed it does seem to slide out a little bit.

I took her out to take a picture, and try to diagnose it for sure, and it definitely splayed out on a smooth surface. Since it didn't seem to be as severe as the cases I found on the internet, I tried to do the coffee cup cure. Basically, you put the chick in a coffee cup, and the narrow bottom keeps the chick's legs closer together. It was supposed to be a gentler way to fix it. However, she was able to hop out of the cup within a couple minutes. I suspect her nestmates were making fun of her.

So, I've now decided to do the bandaid cure, which is where you cut a bandaid lengthwise. Wrap each sticky end around the chick, leaving the pad in the middle.  I just wrapped her up in, what else? A Hulk bandaid!

I suspect she's wishing she'd stuck with the coffee cup.

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